Gerry Smoot

Multi-Instrumentalist, Smooth Jazz Artist, Composer & Arranger


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If you’re a big fan of those smooth jazz tunes to get you through the day then we might have something in store for you! The instrumental record titled “Flight to Somewhere” by the talented instrumentalist, Gerry Smoot, knows how to smooth you through time with a comforting and relaxing voice-less jam! Some of the chords and notes were so intricately coordinated that it felt as if it was played in some sort of subtle swing-like motion. “A Flight To Somewhere” is your more than average combination of typical smooth-jazz elements mixed with easy-listening pop. “A Flight To Somewhere” shows a significant amount of different instrumentals from piano, to beautifully constructed synths on a keyboard. It’s such a delightful piece, to where you can listen to the record in order to ease out your current stress or any emotion you feel that is currently taking a toll over your mood! That’s the whole beauty of music that doesn’t contain vocals or lyrics, is that they can still fabricate a story in which you can become immensely captivated by. They do so in a way of imagination, just like “A Flight To Somewhere” ignites your creative process to curate a setting best fitting for you.

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